Are palm trees protected in Florida?

Answer There are no palm trees in Florida's Statewide Endangered and Threatened Conservation Program. However, any palm that is on federally protected land such as state parks, would be protected by virtu... Read More »

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Can you dig up& take palm trees from Florida?

The taking of something that is not yours is stealing. The palm trees that are on the sides of roads belong to the city that they are in. Taking of these and getting caught would get you put in jai... Read More »

Are Florida palm trees really trees?

On One Hand: Florida Palm Trees are Considered TreesA Florida palm tree is considered to be a tree even though it has different-looking leaves and a different trunk compared with other trees. The f... Read More »

Are palm trees indigenous to Florida?

Although not all palm trees in Florida originated in the state, Florida does have indigenous palm trees. Florida's native palm trees include the Everglades palm (Acoelorrhaphe wrightii), key thatch... Read More »

Different Types of Palm Trees in Florida?

Palm trees are in the Palmae family of plants and are characterized by having branchless trunks and crowns of feathered or fan-shaped evergreen leaves. The trees thrive in warm, tropical and sub-tr... Read More »