Are paintball guns dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: Danger Can Be LimitedAny danger associated with paintball guns can certainly be limited. Wearing protective gear--including pads and goggles--can substantially reduce the risk of injur... Read More »

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How far can paintball guns shoot?

Paintball guns are designed to fire at a maximum muzzle velocity of 300 feet per second. If held parallel with the ground and fired, a paintball will travel approximately 300 feet before gravity pu... Read More »

Are paintball guns firearms?

On One Hand: Paintball guns fire projectilesPaintball guns fire paintballs through the use of CO2 or compressed air. These projectiles are fired at a high velocity and can travel a good distance. ... Read More »

Are paintball guns safe?

On One Hand: Well, Not ReallyPaintball can a dangerous sport. Guns shoot pellets of water-soluble paint at a speed of 200 to 300 feet per second. Being hit by a pellet can leave bruising, welts and... Read More »

How far do paintball guns shoot?

The distance a paintball travels will vary depending on several factors. Some of the factors include trajectory of the shooting range, velocity of the paintball and power of the paintball gun (typi... Read More »