Are paintball guns dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: Danger Can Be LimitedAny danger associated with paintball guns can certainly be limited. Wearing protective gear--including pads and goggles--can substantially reduce the risk of injur... Read More »

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Are paintball guns firearms?

On One Hand: Paintball guns fire projectilesPaintball guns fire paintballs through the use of CO2 or compressed air. These projectiles are fired at a high velocity and can travel a good distance. ... Read More »

Can you use propane for paintball guns?

Some paintball guns are equipped to use propane as a power source instead of carbon dioxide. According to, the Tippmann C-3 with PEP, or Propane Enhanced Performance, is the fir... Read More »

How far can paintball guns shoot?

Paintball guns are designed to fire at a maximum muzzle velocity of 300 feet per second. If held parallel with the ground and fired, a paintball will travel approximately 300 feet before gravity pu... Read More »

Are paintball guns safe?

On One Hand: Well, Not ReallyPaintball can a dangerous sport. Guns shoot pellets of water-soluble paint at a speed of 200 to 300 feet per second. Being hit by a pellet can leave bruising, welts and... Read More »