Are paint sprayers better than brushes?

Answer On One Hand: Spraying Is Faster Than BrushingThe invention of the paint sprayer has been a tremendous boon to commercial painters. Using a paint sprayer can save hours of time as compared to using ... Read More »

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The Advantages of Pressure Pot Paint Sprayers?

Pressure pot paint sprayers are ideal for use by professionals and the weekend painter. The most common type of pressure pot paint sprayer is the high volume, low pressure (HVLP) sprayer. The high... Read More »

How do I operate airless paint sprayers?

PreparationCover all surfaces that you're not painting. Airless paint sprayers are fast but not precise. Mask off windows, fixtures and fittings thoroughly. Use drop cloths to protect floors, and, ... Read More »

Who makes Wagner paint sprayers?

Wagner paint sprayers are manufactured by Wagner Spray Tech Corporation, a subsidiary of Wagner Holding, Inc. The company was started by Josef Wagner, who invented the first Wagner electric power s... Read More »

How to Clean Dried on Acrylic Paint From Paint Brushes With Homemade Supplies?

Acrylic paint is water-based, and it washes away from a paint brush easily with soap and water -- if it's cleaned before the paint has a chance to completely dry. If the acrylic paint dries complet... Read More »