Are pain killers made with real Opium?

Answer No, it is synthesized even though it is a naturally occurring substance. Some labs might still use real opium, but they'd probably get in trouble with FDA.

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How much opium is produced from one opium poppy plant?

Each opium poppy plant produces three to five flower heads on average, but may produce seven or more. Each flower head produces a seed pod which can contain anywhere from 10 to 100mg of opium; the ... Read More »

Why do I itch so much when I take pain killers?

You are probably allergic to them. Try a different type. My sister is allergic to any with aspirin in it. Some people are allergic to the ibuprofen. Take something different and see your doctor.

I think i'm addicted to pain killers is this possible?

you can get addicted to them. but if you have headaches all the time like my best friend does... she pops the pills too.. but you do get addicted. now every little pain you have, you might think oh... Read More »

Can you over dose on pain killers?

yes you can OD on pain killers BUT the ppl that do take mass amounts at one time and are usually on other drugs when that happens. To answer that question.As for your pain...NO I am not a Dr but b... Read More »