Are packaging costs fixed or variable?

Answer Packaging costs are variable and depend on the specifics of the product, shipping requirements, federal regulations and specific customer requests. All American consumer goods exported to Canada mu... Read More »

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How to Calculate Variable Costs?

Costs associated with a business operation can be broadly classed into 2 categories: variable and fixed. Variable costs are those that fluctuate with production volume, while fixed costs remain con... Read More »

Is depreciation fixed or variable?

Depreciation can be either fixed or variable, depending on the item being depreciated and the choice of accounting method to calculate depreciation. Straight line depreciation reduces value by a fi... Read More »

What is the difference between fixed&variable deductions?

Fixed deductions---sometimes referred to as fixed expenses or costs---are the ones you know will be the same amount every month or every year. Variable deductions fluctuate, so you can't be sure of... Read More »

Is labor a fixed or variable cost?

Labor is a variable cost. Typically the amount of labor required depends on the quantity of work to perform. Other variable costs include such items as utilities, raw materials and office supplies.... Read More »