Are oscillating tower fans better?

Answer On One Hand: More EfficientOscillating tower fans distribute air over a wider area than other types of fans--up to 250 square feet, according to They use only 4 kilowatt-hours of e... Read More »

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What uses more electricity: oscillating or ceiling fans?

A ceiling fan consumes less energy than an oscillating fan. However, both use less energy than is required to run an air conditioner. To know exactly how much energy is needed to run either a ceili... Read More »

Comparison of Tower Fans?

Trying to get a good night’s sleep when your bedroom is too warm can be an exercise in futility. Even if your house has air conditioning, sometimes the air circulation in your sleeping quarters j... Read More »

Difference Between a Box Fan & Tower Fans?

When a single room, office or cubicle needs circulating air, a portable fan is the way to go. Their operation keeps fresh air moving into and through a room, and in comparison to central air condit... Read More »

Best oscillating Tool for a carpenter?

OK, a best review of oscillating tools can be find on http://oscillating-tools.comIt has a good reviews and comparisons of oscillating tools with allowing you to buy a multi purpose Rockwell Sonicr... Read More »