Are organized sports beneficial for children?

Answer On One Hand: Encourage Healthy AttitudesMayo Clinic reports that organized sports can teach children to value physical fitness, and that these sports help prevent obesity in kids and promote their ... Read More »

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Why are sports beneficial to kids?

Sports are beneficial to kids because they promote health, fitness, confidence and teamwork. These are all skills and habits that can transfer from sports into everyday life and decision making.Con... Read More »

Are travel teams beneficial to youth sports?

On One Hand: More Intense Focus on Skill DevelopmentTravel teams practice more often, focus on skills and player development, and play at higher levels of competition. The end result is a child tha... Read More »

Is the flu vaccine beneficial for children?

No, your children won't get sick from the vaccine.Side effects from vaccines are extremely rare- a small number of people will be allergic to a given vaccine, and those people may react badly to th... Read More »

Is age-appropriate curriculum beneficial for children with special needs?

Most special needs children have an developmental age that might not be their true age, and this is determined by the specialists that work with them. So their age-appropriate curriculum may be ada... Read More »