Do orange peels or banana peels whiten teeth?

Answer *HYDROGEN PEROXIDE+BAKING SODA WHITENING*Having less-than-brilliant teeth doesn’t have to mean a trip to the dentist or a whitening kit. Try this all-natural remedy instead.You Will Need - Baking... Read More »

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How to Extract Oil from Orange Peels?

Here's an easy way of extracting oil from oranges, which you can use in the shower or as a body lotion.

How to Get Rid of Pimples With Orange Peels?

Pimples, or acne, occur when the pores in your skin become blocked. The natural oil is not allowed to surface and bacteria begins to grow. This results in pimples or zits and can be very troublesom... Read More »

How to Juice Orange Peels?

The flesh of the orange is typically what is used for juicing, as the peel tends to have a bitter flavor that many people do not like. However, you can juice oranges peel and all, or even make a pe... Read More »

Did my mom really used to cook orange peels?

It's funny. I never though of this until I saw this question.My mom did the same thing and she is goen as well. I asked her best friend about it and she told me tat she used:Orange peels, Cinnamin ... Read More »