Are open fires legal on your own land in Kansas?

Answer In most instances, it is illegal to have an open fire on your land in the state of Kansas. Some exceptions may be made. For example, open burning may be permitted if it can be shown that the burnin... Read More »

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Do Indians use ovens or open fires?

The food in the freezer might still be OK. The food in the refrigerator is a different story. If potentially hazardous items like meat and milk have reached temperatures over 40°F for more than 2 ... Read More »

How much of Kansas is farm land?

Kansas has a total of 81,814 square miles, or 52,360,960 acres. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 46,200,000 acres, or 88 percent of the state, is devoted to farmland.References:U.S... Read More »

How many land regions does Kansas have?

The state of Kansas consists of 11 regions that are referred to as physiographic provinces. The main factors that distinguish the regions from one another are their geography and physical appearanc... Read More »

What is a legal separation in Kansas?

Legal separation in Kansas is similar to a divorce action in the Sunflower State. Indeed, a legal separation case possesses all of the elements of a divorce case in Kansas except for one factor. In... Read More »