Are oolong tea& wu long tea the same?

Answer Oolong tea and wu long tea are the same. Oolong is typically a name used in the western world, while wu long is the traditional Chinese name. The tea is a cross between green and black tea and is ... Read More »

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Is oolong tea the same as wu-long tea?

The names oolong and wu-long refer to the same kind of tea. Different spellings exist because "wu-long" is a Chinese word that has been phonetically transcribed to the Roman alphabet to approximate... Read More »

Is wulong tea the same as oolong tea?

Wulong, sometimes romanized as oolong, tea is a black tea from China thought to be rich in antioxidants. According to legend, wulong is named for Wu Liang, who left his tea leaves too long while he... Read More »

Is oolong tea the same as wulong tea?

Oolong tea and woolong tea are the same tea. The only difference is that they are spelled differently. Other spellings include wu long, wu lung and woo long. This is because the word stems from Chi... Read More »

How to Buy Oolong Tea (Wu Long Tea) Online?

Oolong tea, also spelled "Wu long tea", is a type of Chinese tea that is partially oxidized, making it somewhere between black and green tea in color and characteristics. Oolong tea is delicious, b... Read More »