Are online degrees equal to standard degrees?

Answer On One Hand: Online degrees offer the same informationBig traditional universities are now looking to fill more and more of their curriculum with online classes, which means that universities are r... Read More »

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Online Degrees Vs. University Degrees in America?

American online accredited degrees are designed for highly motivated individuals who need a flexible schedule. American university degrees are best suited for fields that require direct interaction... Read More »

Are online degrees worth the same as traditional degrees?

On One Hand: Online Degrees Carry Some WeightDegrees earned online are gaining ground with corporate America. The online universities with the most credibility use professors to produce class conte... Read More »

Why does a circle equal 360 degrees?

The ancient Babylonians first applied the number 360 to the circular orbit of the Sun in about 2400 B.C. Ancient Egyptians continued this tradition, followed by the Greeks, resulting in our continu... Read More »

How many degrees does one radian equal?

One radian equals approximately 57.30 degrees. The number of degrees in a radian is found by the formula 180/p = 1 radian, where p = pi. Pi, a geometrical constant, is approximated at 3.14 for roug... Read More »