Are oak cabinets coming back in style?

Answer On One Hand: Stock CabinetryOak cabinets dominate the stock cabinetry market, according to the Keidel Supply Co. White oak, in particular, combines durability and strength with natural wood grain b... Read More »

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Are oak cabinets still in style?

On One Hand: They're TraditionalAccording to Starmark Cabinetry, oak cabinets are a traditional feature of a kitchen that have not gone out of style. Oak comes in a variety of colors, and the wood ... Read More »

Are medicine cabinets out of style?

On One Hand: Traditional Medicine Cabinets Out of DateTraditional medicine cabinets serve an important purpose in the house, but frequently are viewed as being out of date. Most traditional medicin... Read More »

What is the name of the material used in the back base of kitchen cabinets?

The material used in kitchen cabinet backs is melamine. Melamine comes in different colors and variations. The most basic form of melamine is white melamine. It is a laminated onto a MDF or particl... Read More »

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