Are nxg cables any good?

Answer On One Hand: Product is Positively ReviewedNXG makes a variety of wires, connectors, extenders, and adapters for numerous computer or A/V needs. Their cables all come very positively reviewed. Zip... Read More »

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What is a good brand for HDMI cables?

Future Star is a complete n00b. HDMI is digital. There is no difference in quality between a $20 cable and a $200 cable. Just go to your local radioshack(or any other electronic store) and get the ... Read More »

Are monster cables any good are they worth the money has anybody tried them?

YES, brought , use, feel good and now sells them.oh by the way twisted, just to let you know currys don't sell them, because they didn't understand them. Secondly and more importantly check outwww.... Read More »

Which is better for High Def output using S Video cables that are provided or buying more expensive monster cables?

Truth is, unless you're a really video savvy individual, chances are that you'd not see much of a difference. Monster brand cables specialize in oxygen free cable manufacturing techniques for thei... Read More »

What is the major difference between patch cables&the installed cat3 or cat5 cables?

Patch cables are designed for flexibility and are composed of stranded copper conductors. CAT-3 and CAT-5 are typically solid cables, which are designed for use in longer runs through walls and cei... Read More »