Are nuts fruits or vegetables?

Answer Nuts are often placed in their own category (as in fruits, nuts and vegetables). However, true nuts can be classified as a fruit. The meat of the nut represents the seed of the fruit. Peanuts are n... Read More »

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Fruits,seeds,vegetables,nuts to eat to ensure I get enough nutrients?

You need to get whole grain brown rice, beans such as lentils, black beans, and garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds, a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, and fruits and vegetables. You may want to inve... Read More »

If i ate only fruits vegetables and nuts and seeds for a week would i loose weight?

It doesn't matter what you eat, it depends on how much calories you're taking in. As long as you're losing as much calories as you're taking them in, you'll lose weight.

If you need 5 fruits and vegetables a day are you saying you need 5 fruits and 5 vegetables Or just 5 total?

You need a total of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables, not 5 of each.A serving size of fruit would be, for example, one piece of fresh fruit (pear, peach, orange), or half a grapefruit, or a half ... Read More »

Why some meat eaters think eating vegetables,fruits are wrong even if they're eating both meat and vegetables?

I've never heard a meat eater say that it's wrong to eat vegetables. The old argument of "But don't plants feel pain too?" is merely the (lame) way in which they seek to justify the cruelty which ... Read More »