Are northern Germans the same as Nordics?

Answer Germans are not considered Nordic. The term Nordic refers to a Scandinavian relation, such as its people or culture. Nordic people generally are native to Iceland, Norway, Sweden, or Finland.Source... Read More »

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Are Great Northern beans the same as Navy beans?

Great Northern beans and Navy neans are not the same. Great Northern beans resemble baby lima beans and will hold their shape when cooked. Navy beans are small, oval shaped and quick cooking. The o... Read More »

Are northern beans& navy beans the same thing?

Northern beans (also called great northern beans) are white beans similar to white kidney beans, according to They are not the same as navy beans (also called pea beans or Yankee bea... Read More »

Can the Swiss Germans?

yeah, some have trouble with Wallisers though. And I remember this guy saying that a word he knew meant "pick your nose" was used by someone else to mean "cry". Don't remember the word though, I th... Read More »

How do Germans make beer?

Germans make beer like everyone else and have been doing so since at least the Bronze Age, according to the German Beer Institute. But since 1516, brewers there have been bound by the German Beer P... Read More »