Are noncommunicable diseases caused by pathogens?

Answer Diseases caused by pathogens are often contagious and include things such as Meningitis, Influenza and Tuberculosis. Diseases not caused by pathogens are generally things which go wrong in the bod... Read More »

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Diseases Caused by Nematodes?

A nematode is an unsegmented worm belonging to the phylum Nematoda. They are the most numerous multicellular animals on earth. The body of a nematode is elongated and cylindrical. Most nematodes ar... Read More »

Diseases Caused by Raccoons?

Raccoons often easily make their way into city and suburban life. Not only are they getting into your trashcans at night, but they are posing a potential health hazard to you and your family. Racco... Read More »

Human Diseases Caused by Cat Feces?

Most diseases are shared within a certain species---cats pass along diseases to other cats and humans infect other humans. But some diseases, known as Zoonotic diseases, can be transmitted from non... Read More »

What type of diseases are caused by heroin?

None. According to research, heroin and other opiates do not cause any diseases, or have any long term effects. But they do cause an effect on the body called withdrawal effects where one suffers. ... Read More »