Are nitro tanks the same as HPA tanks?

Answer High pressure air (HPA) and nitro tanks are the same thing. Both refer to a pressurized gas tank that is used in paintball. The tanks store either compressed air or pure nitrogen.References:Paintba... Read More »

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About Gas Tanks?

Everyone knows about gas tanks. How about exploding ones, or tanks that help a car's handling, or how the size and shape of tanks are determined? You may never fill your gas tank the same way again.

How big are oil tanks?

Oil tanks vary in size, but the most common is 275 gallons. Other sizes available include 280-, 550- and 1,000-gallon oil tanks. Oil tanks are used to store oil domestically. They are used on farms... Read More »

When were tanks first used in WWI?

According to, tanks were first used in World War I on Sept. 15, 1916, when Capt. H.W. Mortimore took British D1 tanks into battle at Delville Wood. These early tanks proved unreli... Read More »

Why do you still use army tanks?

Militaries still use tanks for artillery from the guns or newer tanks with rockets, infantry support, they can easily maneuver and are able to smash through structures, and can break through infant... Read More »