Why do Chinese in my city open japanese restaurants whereas they are not Japanese and don't know their culture?

Answer Japanese food is good, and since there are not many Japanese people around to open up Japanese restaurants, Chinese people step up to the plate.Also, Japanese people aren't as flashy as Chinese peo... Read More »

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Chinese Vs. Japanese Mahjong?

When many people think about Mahjong, they think of the matching tile game that's sometimes pre-installed on some computers. In actuality, Mahjong, as it's played by the Chinese and Japanese, is a ... Read More »

How do the Chinese feel about the Japanese?

From what I've heard from the various Chinese people i've asked, they "nothing" the Japanese. The older generations obviously still have that feeling of dislike towards them, but the younger genera... Read More »

Do you prefer Chinese tea or Japanese tea more?

I drink both and like both. I prefer Chinese tea when I eat Chinese food. In normal occasion, I drink caffeine-less wheat tea or green tea. I drink an expensive kind of jasmine tea or pu-erh tea... Read More »

Is sushi chinese or japanese?

Japanese since the beginning and until the end of time