Are night lights safe for a baby's eyes?

Answer There is no proof that suggests nightlights are or are not safe for a baby's eyes. It's always important to take common-sense precautions and make sure the nightlight is not shining in the baby's e... Read More »

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If you have trouble driving at night because the lights from the other vehicles bothers your eyes?

Not necessarily...if you had cataracts, you would notice a reduction in your vision in other situations as well. If you are worried about having cataracts you should talk to your optometrist about... Read More »

Are fluorescent lights bad for your eyes?

No, fluorescent lights are not bad for your eyes. Similarly, reading in low light, excessive TV viewing, computer use, and night lights will not damage the eyes. The myth that florescent lights dam... Read More »

Are all the lights in the night sky a sun?

While most of the lights in the night sky are suns, some visible to the naked eye are objects that only reflect light. These objects include the moon and the planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury a... Read More »

Are black lights harmful to eyes?

Made of long wave ultraviolet light (UVA), black lights are considered safe for the eyes. Most black lights are regular incandescent bulbs surrounded by a deep blue-purple glass envelope. These bul... Read More »