Are nfl replica jerseys legal?

Answer On One Hand: There are replica jerseys sanctioned by the NFLWhen purchasing an NFL jersey, you must look for the NFL logo. If the logo appears on the jersey, it has been officially sanctioned by th... Read More »

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Is buying a replica Rolex legal?

It is legal in the United States to purchase counterfeit designer goods, however, selling them is illegal. The purchase of replica goods has been known to contribute to poor working conditions for ... Read More »

Are replica Mont Blanc pens legal?

According to Title 18, part 1 of the U.S. code, it is illegal make, import, export, transport or possess any item that bears a brand identical to one registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark O... Read More »

Who makes NFL jerseys?

Reebok has manufactured all National Football League (NFL) merchandise since December of 2000, after signing a 10-year contract with the league. Reebok was given exclusive rights to make and sell j... Read More »

How are baseball jerseys sized?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a jersey as "any of various close-fitting, usually circular-knitted garments, especially for the upper body." Baseball jerseys appeal especially to fans of a ... Read More »