Are neon night lights energy efficient?

Answer Neon lighting is produced by the electrical stimulation of electrons in a low-pressure neon gas-filled glass tube. Incandescent lamps produce light by electrically heating high resistance filaments... Read More »

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What are energy-efficient LED lights?

Many of us have been convinced that compact fluorescent bulbs--those little coiled wonders--are our most environmentally-friendly lighting option. Recent advances have paved the way for energy-effi... Read More »

Is it more energy efficient to leave my pc on 24/7 or shut it off at night?

I leave mine on all day, at 11 pm it goes into hibernation until 7 the next morning......all I turn off is my monitor.....Christopher

How efficient is wave energy?

On One Hand: Wave AbundanceIt is estimated that the waves of the ocean could produce up to two terawatts of electricity (2 trillion watts). The fuel that wave energy converters use, seawater, is fr... Read More »

Are new windows energy efficient?

On One Hand: Not AutomaticallyNot all new windows are energy-efficient. According to the Efficient Windows Collaborative, you still need to research window retailers in your area to find one that s... Read More »