Are my wrists broken pls help?

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What should I cut into my wrists now ?

What happens when you cut your wrists?

You have two main arteries in your wrist. 1)Ulnar 2)RadialUlnar artery is the main and carries oxygenated blood.I don't think anything happens if you cut vertically, just pain and bleeding. Horizon... Read More »

What happens after you slit your wrists?

People who try often sit in a warm bath to increase blood flow.On finding someone.1. compress wound and elevate hands above head.2 straight to hospital for blood /saline solution3. kept in hospital... Read More »

How to get bigger wrists?

Your wrist is a condyloid joint that permits all angular motions,including flexion, extension, abduction, adduction and circumduction.The width of your wrist is mainly determined by the size... Read More »