Are my white spots vitiligo?

Answer On One Hand: Vitiligo Is One Possible CauseVitiligo is one possible cause of areas of whiteness on the skin. According to Medline Plus, vitiligo causes skin to lose pigment; these areas are often f... Read More »

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Why are there white spots on your herbs?

I just finished washing the mealy bug larvae off of my bay leaf plant; It may bethat. All it takes is alcohol and a rag. The soooner you clean them off the better, ifthat's what it is.

How to get rid of white spots on my nails?

If what you're talking about is the same thing as what I'm thinking about, it's caused by lack of calcium. You should drink 3 glasses of milk a day and they'll be gone.

White spots on teeth?

White spots are hypocalcified marks either when the teeth were forming or if plaque sat on the teeth for a while. When the teeth dry out (like sleeping and breathing through your mouth), the whit... Read More »

What are these white spots on my sunburn?