Was Jim garrisons office being recorded by the cia?

Answer Central Intelligence Agency

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Can you sell a condo unit in NYS without condo declaration being recorded?

No. The recording of the declaration of condominium creates the condominium under state laws. A condominium is a creation of law. If no condominium is created then no units can be sold. Condominiu... Read More »

Questions about being drunk?

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Makeup questions about being in the water!!! :)?

Hey sweetie! Maybelline Mascara and Baby Lips does hold up. Sorry, but ELF is cheap so I wouldn't trust it. And Dream Bouncy blush doesn't really go well with water, but i'd try it! ANYTHING BY MAY... Read More »

I was wondering y my camera doesnt play the sound when i watch the recorded videos i recorded wuts wrong?

You should be able to hear the sound when you play it back on ur camera. Im not sure whats wrong with it, but sometimes with my camera, my microphone is on the bottom where you usually put ur thum... Read More »