Are my pine trees good lumber wood?

Answer On One Hand: Good Pine Can Be Used for Lumber.Your pine can be an excellent wood to harvest for lumber. Pine is widely used in cabinetry and in flooring, as well as in other applications such as st... Read More »

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How to Sell Pine Trees for Lumber?

Growing pine trees is a long-term investment; the trees are not fully grown for at least thirty years. Many families choose to plant vacant land with pine trees as a sort of retirement nest egg. Th... Read More »

How long does pine lumber last?

According to research conducted by the Western Wood Preservers Institute and others, the average lifetime of a Southern Yellow Pine utility pole, treated with a preservative, is between 30 and 40 y... Read More »

Is it possible to treat pine trees so that they don't produce so DARN many pine cones?

I KNOW I wont get best answer for this....but instead of introducing more and more harmful chemicals just to make your raking easier....why not just cut the thing down? Its going to be far less ha... Read More »

How do I debark pine trees infested with mountain pine beetles?

Debarking Pine Beetle-Infested TreesCut down the tree infested with pine beetles, leave it in its place and as soon as possible strip it of its bark. (Letting the tree dry out allows the sap to glu... Read More »