Are my old notes&coins worth anything?

Answer On One Hand: Face Value or LessMost old coins and notes are worth face value or less. In countries outside the U.S., the money may be worthless because the country no longer uses it, according to I... Read More »

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Pre- New Coke worth anything?

Are stamps worth anything?

While current U.S. stamps are worth their face value, the catalog price for most stamps is usually just a few cents. However, collectors will pay a lot of money for examples that are rare because o... Read More »

Are French francs worth anything?

France was among the first members of the European Union to convert to the Euro, giving up the franc in 1999. If you still have French franc notes laying around, they cannot be used as currency and... Read More »

Are my old foreign stamps worth anything?

On One Hand: Old Foreign Stamps Can Be ValuableThe value of an old foreign stamp can vary widely depending on such factors as type and rarity. The 1856 one-cent British Guyana, or British Guiana, s... Read More »