Are my mexican mint marigold seeds viable?

Answer On One Hand: Try This FirstPerform a viability test on your seeds. "I test any seeds by planting a few in good seed starting mix and keeping them moist and warm with a piece of plastic wrap until I... Read More »

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How do I know if these seeds a viable?

First you need to stick them in the fridge for a month or two. Sugar Maple seeds have what is called a "seed dormancy" meaning the seeds are genetically engineered NOT to germinate until they go th... Read More »

How do i plant marigold seeds?

Sow the SeedsFill a starter pot 2/3 of the way full with soil. Place a marigold seed on top of the soil. Fill the pot the rest of the way with soil. Water the seed enough to moisten the soil. Don't... Read More »

How long are papaver somniferum seeds viable?

The seeds from the papaver somniferum flower, also known as the opium poppy, are harvested from the dried pods of the plant. When properly stored in a cool, dark place in an airtight container, the... Read More »

How long are palm tree seeds viable?

Although it depends on the species of palm tree, palm tree seeds can be viable from about six months to a year. Seeds from palm trees originating in an arid climate stay viable for longer periods ... Read More »