Are my investments in AIG funds worthless?

Answer On One Hand: AIG mutual funds are just like any other fundAmerican International Group (AIG) mutual funds are just like any other mutual fund. While AIG was in dire financial straits and required a... Read More »

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Are funds with Fidelity Investments FDIC insured?

On One Hand: FDIC Does Not Insure InvestmentsThe Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) explicitly states on its website that it does not insure investment funds. Although the organization in... Read More »

How to Manage Your 401k Investments and Choose Your Funds?

Employers and plan administrators don't always make it easy. Understanding just what is available is only the first part; you still have to decide what to do with your investment.

LifeStrategy Funds vs. Target Retirement Funds?

LifeStrategy funds, offered by Vanguard, and target retirement funds, offered by a number of mutual fund companies, provide two different approaches to investing in mutual funds. They serve differe... Read More »

Are index funds better than actively managed funds?

On One Hand: Actively Managed Funds Claim to be the MarketManagers of actively managed funds claim they have the skills and experience to beat the market. Investors in actively managed funds believ... Read More »