Are my home theater speakers a fire hazard?

Answer Under most circumstances the risk of fire due to a short in loudspeaker cables is virtually non-existent. If your loudspeaker cables use the typical PVC insulation found on most lower-cost or gener... Read More »

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Buy home theater. Home Theater package Vs Receiver and Speakers separately.?

As ur bidget is around 30 K go for Blu-ray home theater which is equipped with tall boy speakers like this one, are 3 frequencies in sound low, medium & ... Read More »

How to Set Home Theater Speakers?

With different speaker distances and locations often found in conventional home theater installations, it is necessary to compensate for those by properly setting up the speakers in the receiver or... Read More »

Best value (low $) home theater speakers?

Unfortunately, in home theater you get what you pay for. Save up and get a Bose on eBay. You will thank me later

5.1 channel Home Theater VS 5.1 Speakers?

Maniac overstates the cost of a good entry level audio system. I have a proper 5.1 system in my office, which gets a feed from my desktop computer, and it's total cost was about $600, and it delive... Read More »