Are my ankles too irritable for working on my feet?

Answer The put implants in you instead of releasing the tight muscles that cause the flat feet? That doesn't make any sense. Now the question, could you walk before the implants? If so your dr is the o... Read More »

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What is wrong with my ankles/feet Please help!?

For your plantar fasciitis i will suggest some products for that. It gives you relief from your pain. It helps you.. :-)

Why are my feet&ankles swollen?

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, painless swelling is a condition shared by many, although its more commonly experienced by older people. Sometimes edema is caused by abnorma... Read More »

Remedies for sore feet and ankles from walking?

You could try gel insoles in your walking shoes for starters. Another good solution is to just find a man with a female foot attraction and have him massage your feet afterward.

How to Apply Sunless Tanner to Feet and Ankles?

Skip sitting in the sun and apply a self-tanner to achieve a sun-kissed glow all over your body. Using a self-tanner is the safer alternative to the harsh UV rays of the sun; however, to achieve a ... Read More »