Are muscle relaxers performance-enhancing drugs?

Answer Muscle relaxers work by depressing the central nervous system and its communications with muscles. They are used to treat muscle spasms, tension and pain. They are also called sedatives. The decrea... Read More »

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What Are Punishments in Sports for Using Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Performance-enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids are an all-too-common alternative for some budding and professional athletes. The drugs either maximize performance or allow the athlete to cultiv... Read More »

Should all professional athletes be tested for performance enhancing drugs?

On One Hand: Use Is So Rampant Testing RequiredThe argument that all professional athletes should be tested for performance-enhancing drugs may be best made by an athlete himself. Suggesting use of... Read More »

Are muscle relaxers addictive?

On One Hand: Yes, PotentiallyThere are several types of muscle relaxants with different addiction potential, but by and large they can be addictive. Carisoprodol (Soma), for example, may become add... Read More »

Can muscle relaxers cause miscarriage?

Muscle relaxers have not been proven to cause miscarriage; most are rated FDA pregnancy category "C." This is because there is not enough information and research to conclude if they are safe. Whil... Read More »