Are bran muffins good to use for a high colonic?

Answer Oprah, I don't think many people come here. LOL

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Do bran muffins make good sponges for?

you place the bran muffins below your underarms and use gauze to wrap them up.viola!

I want to put in a patio using paving stones. Would bran muffins be good for this?

o geez I had to answer thisone before I posted another question!sure - Uncle Wayne opened a "home and garden" improvement centre using recycled goods only! He's got TONS of used bran muffins!!LOL

How to Buy Bran Muffins?

Bran muffins are notorious for their split personality. We feel good eating them because they contain bran, a healthy grain loaded with fiber. But bakery and store-bought muffins can top 400 to 500... Read More »

Which is better muffins or cupcakes?

I like them both, but I guess I prefer cupcakes, since I love the icing.If ever here are a couple of delicious recipes.Cupcakes (vanilla or chocolate)………..............…… Read More »