Do bran muffins make good sponges for?

Answer you place the bran muffins below your underarms and use gauze to wrap them up.viola!

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Are bran muffins good to use for a high colonic?

Oprah, I don't think many people come here. LOL

I want to put in a patio using paving stones. Would bran muffins be good for this?

o geez I had to answer thisone before I posted another question!sure - Uncle Wayne opened a "home and garden" improvement centre using recycled goods only! He's got TONS of used bran muffins!!LOL

Are muffins healthy?

On One Hand: Commercial Muffins Are Not Very HealthyThe average, everyday muffin you find in a grocery store, coffee shop or bakery is generally not part of a healthy diet. A medium-sized blueberr... Read More »

Cup cakes or Muffins?