Are mr. clean products a jewelry cleaner?

Answer Mr. Clean products can be used as jewelry cleaner. To clean diamond jewelry, mix four parts warm water with one part Mr. Clean in a small bowl. Allow your jewelry to soak for about 10 minutes and... Read More »

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Can I clean gold rings with silver jewelry cleaner?

On One Hand: Silver Cleaner May Be AbrasiveSilver cleaner contains chemicals designed to remove tarnish from the silver. The chemical solution is often presented as a cream-based paste with mild ab... Read More »

What is nonabrasive jewelry cleaner?

Even the most expensive of jewelry is often fragile when it comes to harsh chemicals. With time and wear, however, it becomes necessary to clean jewelry to restore its natural beauty. The solution ... Read More »

How to Make Jewelry Cleaner?

Over time, frequently-worn jewelry pieces will develop a grimy layer that can dim the brightest gemstone. The best way to keep jewelry clean is to take it to a jeweler for a professional cleaning. ... Read More »

Homemade Rhinestone Jewelry Cleaner?

Just like anything else you wear, you should occasionally clean your jewelry to keep it sparkling and in good condition. This includes rhinestone jewelry. Rhinestones are made from transparent acry... Read More »