Are mouse traps only to be used once?

Answer On One Hand: Reusable TrapsThe market for mouse traps is filled with different models, all with varying forms and functions. But a quick look at the options reveals the dominance of products market... Read More »

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I have lived with a mouse for about a month. I have tried many mouse traps can someone help?

Sometimes the traps are simply not sensitive enough and don't go off when the mouse steals the food. You need to adjust the trap so that the slightest touch will set it off. If that doesn't work,... Read More »

How to Set Mouse Traps?

Catching a mouse with a trap is not the most pleasant of tasks but neither is having a potentially disease carrying mouse around the house. Best to make it an efficient job and use a properly set a... Read More »

How to Set Victor Mouse Traps?

Victor offers several kinds of mouse traps, ranging from glue traps and live traps, in which you simply place a piece of food near the glue or in the live trap box and wait for the mouse to get stu... Read More »

What kind of bait do I use in mouse traps?

Of course, to catch a mouse you'll need some kind of bait to lure the mouse into the trap. You can use commercial mouse-bait blocks, but these are often more expensive than food baits, most of whic... Read More »