Are most fossils complete organisms?

Answer Scientists rarely find a complete fossil--one that has the bones and soft tissue fossilized. You typically only find pieces of a fossil, usually the bone, and supplementary fossilized evidence, suc... Read More »

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Where are most fossils located?

The most common location to find fossils is in sedimentary rock. These range from shells to teeth and bone fragments. The imprints of plants and past footprints have also been left behind. Scientis... Read More »

Most Common Mollusk Fossils?

Mollusk is the common name for the phylum of invertebrate animals known scientifically as Mollusca. There are 85,000 recognized species of mollusks. The most common kinds of mollusk are marine moll... Read More »

The Rock Most Likely to Contain Fossils?

Fossils are the preserved remains of animal and plant life often found embedded in rocks. Earth contains three types of rocks, metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary. Metamorphic and igneous rocks un... Read More »

What Are Most Shells of Marine Organisms Composed Of?

Stroll by the seashore, and you will likely be tempted to pick up and examine the seashells that litter the seaside. These marine trinkets have consistently fascinated people with their beauty and ... Read More »