Are most anti rootkit scanners reliable?

Answer Yes they are reliable as most virus attach to the rootkit. The best is aswMBR.exe. Its totally free and works fast and eliminates rootkit viruses.

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Is it good to have 2 anti virus scanners installed on a computer?

That is not good. Uninstall Norton, I am surprised you haven't run into any problems already. Usually only large corporations feel the need to have the extra protection of multiple virus protecti... Read More »

Are there any genuinely free but good and complete anti virus and malwares scanners?

Sorry but nothing is 100% free. I use AVG (Free Edition) it detects viruses fine for me - it lacks some [useless] premium features.Software...Anti-Virus (free): Read More »

Is Norton anti-virus reliable?

Any Norton prior to the 2007 Internet securtiy suite is suspect at best...2007 is supposedly made a remarkable turn around...however, i would turn off the anti-virus aspect and the like or even the... Read More »

What is the most reliable anti-virus software by far?

The list of anti-virus proggie grow every day. New companies are getting into the internet security business, all claiming to be better than one another. I repair PCs for a living, and I deal wit... Read More »