Are mortgage rates negotiable?

Answer On One Hand: They Are NegotiableAccording to The Mortgage Professor's website, mortgage rates are generally negotiable. The only variable is whether you're dealing with a commissioned loan officer ... Read More »

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Why Are Auto Rates Different Than Mortgage Rates?

Automobiles and real estate are two of the biggest purchases individuals can make. Some people assume they should have similar loan rates and conditions. However, rates differ not only between lend... Read More »

How Are FHA Mortgage Rates Calculated?

Federal Housing Authority (FHA) mortgages are designed to give first-time home buyers more affordable rates. They also permit lower-income families the chance to purchase a home of their own by all... Read More »

What is the apr on mortgage rates?

In finance and lending, the term APR stands for annual percentage rate. This figure represents the sum of the periodic interest rates on your mortgage or other credit accounts.FunctionThe APR is di... Read More »

How Are Mortgage Interest Rates Set?

Mortgage rates are set through the daily interaction of key economic factors and not one particular bank or government agency. These factors reflect the changing conditions in the economy and affec... Read More »