Could mood swings be an early sign of pregnancy?

Answer Answer Usually, no. I would do a pregnancy test. Answer When I was pregnant I had terrible mood swings, worse than PMS before the day my period was due......My hormones were everywhere, but little ... Read More »

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Does pregnancy cause mood swings?

oh ya my friend is pregnant and her mood swings are very noticeable

When is the earliest someone can start to have pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and mood swings?

2 weeks after sex, although it's quite rare to have those symptoms that early. For most people it's around 6 weeks pregnant

I'm 14 and have really bad mood swings?

yes this is normal and yes it is a hormonal which you will eventually grow out ofgood luck

How to Treat Mood Swings?

There are many causes of mood swings but I will discuss the most common types of mood swings.Do you become tired after eating a regular size meal? Do you need soda pop or coffee to get through the ... Read More »