Are montessori preschool actually worth the extra cost. I am a low incomed mommie but want the best 4 my son.?

Answer Mom,The single best thing for his school is you. He can go to a relatively poor school, but if you spend good time reading to and with him every day, and you get involved in what he is learning an... Read More »

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Is SLR worth the extra cost on a digital camera?

In your case absolutely not. For that money you'd be much better off with a high end point and shoot such as a Canon G series. These cameras have near SLR functionality and their image quality is... Read More »

Are micro cotton blankets worth the extra cost?

On One Hand: Quality AttributesMicro Cotton is 100 percent natural cotton spun from very fine yarn and produced from high-grade bulk cotton. The fabric is naturally very soft, and reportedly maint... Read More »

Are stainless steel appliances worth the extra cost?

On One Hand: Attractive and DurableA hot trend in kitchen appliance materials is stainless steel, which can offer a sleek, modern, and stylish design. The durable nature of stainless makes it easy ... Read More »

Is it worth paying sgd230 more to buy canon sx1 is compare to sx10 is just for extra features. Is it worth paying extra SGD230 for HD movie recording and quick continuous shooting?

You can zoom but for unknown reason it only uses digital zoom, not optical. Which causes a lot of noises on the video