Are mono&diglycerides () considered slaughter byproducts?

Answer I think they just don't mention stuff like that for vegetarians because they don't want to make it seem so strict.Milk can be considered non-veg since it almost always come fortified with vitamin D... Read More »

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Does karin Slaughter have any family members from Talladega name Slaughter?

What makes an animal okay to slaughter vs. inhumane to slaughter?

Typically people are disgusted at the fur industry because of its very nature, you are killing an animal JUST for fashion. The fur industrys standards of welfare are absolutely dire too, as long as... Read More »

Are there byproducts in solar power?

Solar power itself is a renewable, sustainable energy source that does not rely on fossil fuels and does not emit greenhouse gases. However, the way solar panels are manufactured can leave toxic by... Read More »

How to Slaughter a Rooster?

A rooster is a common addition to backyard chicken coops. The rooster can help protect the chicken flock and help stimulate egg laying. If your rooster becomes too aggressive, you have too many roo... Read More »