Are money market accounts covered by insurance?

Answer On One Hand: Coverage for Deposit AccountsMoney market deposit accounts are covered by insurance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. As of 2010, FDIC insurance covers up to $250,000 per... Read More »

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Are cd accounts or money market accounts better?

On One Hand: Interest RatesCertificate of Deposit (CD) accounts typically pay a higher interest rate than money market accounts. reports that in 2010, one-year CD interest rates on... Read More »

How do I protect money invested in money market accounts?

Bank FundsInvest your money in bank money market funds for protection. Money market funds come in two varieties: bank money market funds insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) and no... Read More »

If someone runs a red light and hits you but they have no insurance but you are fully covered with your insurance will your insurance pay you for pain and sufferring then go after them for the money?

Yes, very likely If you have uninsured motorists coverage (required in most states) that is the coverage that will take care of your medical bills and pain and suffering. After your claim is paid ... Read More »

Are money market accounts guaranteed?

Funds held in a traditional money market deposit account offered by banks are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Money invested in a money market mutual fund, however, is ... Read More »