Are money market accounts at credit unions safe?

Answer Money market accounts at credit unions are safe if they meet certain criteria. If the credit union has NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) insurance--the equivalent of FDIC insurance for cr... Read More »

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Are money market accounts safe?

On One Hand: A money market deposit account is insuredThe Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures money market deposit accounts up to $250,000. These are usually available through banks. Your... Read More »

How safe are money market IRA accounts?

On One Hand: What Are The Benefits?IRA money market accounts are a smart choice because it is tax deferred and has a steady interest rate. There are no taxes on the money in these accounts until it... Read More »

Are Vanguard money market accounts safe?

On One Hand: Risky Environment.According to MarketWatch, investors have concerns about the safety of money market funds after one of the first money market funds "broke the buck," meaning its share... Read More »

Why Do Credit Unions Freeze Accounts?

Credit unions are a popular alternative to banks for people who work in certain professions. Credit unions allow members to deposit money into both checking and savings accounts. Like a bank, the ... Read More »