Are mineral spirits safe to use on cultured marble?

Answer On One Hand: Cultured Marble Has a Resistant SurfaceCultured marble is a mixture of marble dust obtained when cutting marble slabs and a resistant liquid polyester resin. The individual grains of m... Read More »

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What is cultured marble?

Cultured marble is a durable product belonging to the cast polymer family. It is most often used in residential bathrooms to make bathtubs, shower bases and the surrounding wall panels, sinks and c... Read More »

What do I use to cut cultured marble?

To cut cultured marble, you use a circular saw with a fine carbide blade. Hold down the marble in a tight vise, and mark your path with a pencil so you can rub off the marks when you're done.Source... Read More »

Cultured Marble Vs. Granite?

Cultured marble is manufactured from fiberglass resin, crushed limestone and color pigments. Granite is a natural stone. Both are found on countertops, walls and other locations in the home, but th... Read More »

Can you cut or sand a cultured marble top?

Cultured marble can be both cut and sanded, but since marble is both very hard and easily damaged, doing so is not an easy task and should be left to a professional or someone with marble knowledge... Read More »