Are mine to big Girl or boys I need help! ?

Answer dear sister it is not a big issue most of girl is having such kind of issue ignore all this and enjoy ur life always think u r the best and god has sent u for a special purpose

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What are some proven ways to help improve your odds of having a girl after 2 boys?

There actually is a method that improves your chances of having a girl. You see the sperm containing the X chromosome(girl) is a slower swimmer but tends to live longer inside the vagina and is in ... Read More »

Need Help Drunk boys Radio recording vintage?

Girls only!! I need Girl help?

PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sad in this body of mine:( HELP!?

I hope you succeed. But you have to eat healthy to do this. Stop eating sugars, or foods with sugar. Drink plenty of water, especially when you are exercising.Decrease the amount of carbohydrate... Read More »