Are mine to big Girl or boys I need help! ?

Answer dear sister it is not a big issue most of girl is having such kind of issue ignore all this and enjoy ur life always think u r the best and god has sent u for a special purpose

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What was the name of the cartoon kids program with three siblings two boys one girl the girl had purple hair and she was a witch her brothers were wizards and they had a magic talking spell book?

Sounds like "UBOS - Ultimate Book of Spells", from about 2002 or so.

What is ur fave girl scout cookie mine is caramel delites?

thin mintssecond is caramel delights (I think that's what it's called)

Can two boys and one girl have sex together?

yess one boy in the front nd the other in the backorone in the front nd one puts dick in mouthorone in back nd one puts dick in mouth

Girl's only! boys wouldn't get it!?

hey gurl .let me tell youalthough periods are a painthey are necessary for us womento egt rid of hat blood that shouldnt be in our bodythey are a good thing, believ it or not .now my periods are ev... Read More »