Hereditary hemochromatosis?

Answer Quote:Most people who have primary hemochromatosis inherit it from their parents. If you inherit two hemochromatosisgenes—one from each parent—you're at risk for iron overload and signs and sym... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Hereditary Freckles?

Both genetics and sun exposure play a part in the development of freckles. Fair skinned individuals are definitely more sensitive to sun exposure, in which freckles can often develop. Overall, a fr... Read More »

Is diabetes hereditary?

There are a ton of different symptoms depending on which type you potentially could be. Being diabetic is hereditary. You said only your grandpa has it though. The easiest way to tell is through a ... Read More »

Is hepatitis C hereditary?

On One Hand: Disease Arises From Blood-borne VirusHepatitis C is caused by the hepatitis C virus, which people acquire mainly through exposure to infected blood or body fluids but also, possibly, b... Read More »

Is colic hereditary?

On One Hand: Colic is not a DiseaseColic is not a disease; it is actually a term that refers to abdominal pain. The cause of the abdominal pain can be disease, blockages in the intestine, infestat... Read More »