Are meyer lemon leaves fragrant?

Answer Meyer lemon trees are compact enough for balconies and limited-space gardens. The trees grow glossy and full leaves. The clean and pleasant lemon smell comes from the small white flowers that start... Read More »

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Are leaves yellowing&dropping common for a meyer lemon?

The leaves on a Meyer lemon tree do not commonly turn yellow and drop. If this occurs it means the tree has too much water in its soil. Water the tree less or try repotting using a soil that drains... Read More »

When is Meyer lemon season?

Meyer lemons, which are named for plant explorer Frank Meyer, are sweeter and less acidic than most other lemons. This variety, which originated in China, is now commercially grown in California’... Read More »

How do I take care of Meyer lemon trees?

Soil and LightPlant the Meyer lemon tree in slightly acidic and sandy soil, which is available in a peat moss mix from the gardening center. Place the tree in a spot where it will get eight to 12 h... Read More »

Are meyer lemon trees self pollinators?

Yes. As with many citrus tree, the Meyer lemon tree is self-pollinating according to The tree is a good container plant because it is a dwarf variety and can be brought indoors... Read More »