Are metalloids used in transistors?

Answer Many transistors contain germanium and/or silicon, which chemists classify as metalloids. Metalloids exhibit physical and chemical properties common to both metals and nonmetals. Like metals, metal... Read More »

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What Are Types of Metalloids?

Most elements on the periodic table can be classified as metals or nonmetals. However, a small number of elements have properties of both. These are called metalloids, and they include the elements... Read More »

Uses of Metalloids in Industry?

Metalloids are a special type of element that have properties of both metals and nonmetals. For example, a metalloid may conduct electricity like a metal, but also insulate against heat like a nonm... Read More »

Where are metalloids found on the periodic table?

Metalloids are found between the metals and non-metals, forming a zig-zag pattern on the periodic table. These elements, which have physical and chemical properties between those associated with me... Read More »

Where are metalloids located on the Periodic Table?

Metalloids are located between the metals and nonmetals in a stair-step line on the right side of the Periodic Table. The six metalloids, which have some properties of metals and some properties of... Read More »