Are mephisto shoes any good?

Answer On One Hand: Mephisto Earns Rave ReviewsMephisto advertises shoes as "the finest walking shoes on Earth," and customers seem to agree with this statement through a number of online reviews. Online ... Read More »

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Where are Mephisto shoes made?

Mephisto, founded in France in 1965, produces its hand-made shoes from plants in France and Portugal. The company entered the U.S. market in 1987 and entered the Canadian market two years later. W... Read More »

Are these shoes good shoes for back to school?

you can't go wrong with white converse... and dude, who cares what other people think, if you think they look good and match your outfits, then rock it! Though those black vans are ugly, unless you... Read More »

Who is Mephisto in Marvel?

In the Marvel Universe, Mephisto is a villainous demon who comes from his own hellish domain to corrupt Marvel superheroes. He usually goes after the Silver Surfer, but is also responsible for the ... Read More »

How to Beat Mephisto in Diablo?

"Diablo II" is a fantasy role-playing game for the computer. Mephisto is the boss at the end of Act III and must be defeated before you can move on to Act IV of the game. Mephisto is located in fin... Read More »