Are clove cigarettes worse than normal cigarettes?

Answer On One Hand: Cloves Are More DangerousAccording to the American Cancer Society, clove cigarettes, also called kreteks, have "been shown to deliver more nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar than regul... Read More »

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Are E cigarettes really that much Safer then Regular Cigarettes and if so why?

Everything in this world has some good and some bad factors, but if you want to live healthy then better to quit smoking. E-cigarettes are good options but making it habit is not good. Pros:Smells ... Read More »

Which cigarettes are better, menthol or not?

how about you don't smoke and give your lungs a rest?? I bet you will like candy even more...

Why did the FDA ban all the flavored cigarettes but not MENTHOL?

I asked people at the Cigarettes-Cheaper by my parents house, because I used to LOVE the vanilla flavored Sweet Dreams. You already guessed it, it's because the government thinks kids are more like... Read More »

Are menthol cigarettes healthier than normal ones?

Nope - they contain just about as much rubbish as normal ones.I plan on giving up on Sunday *shakes in terror!!*