Are memory foam mattress toppers worth the money?

Answer On One Hand: Many People Love Memory Foam ToppersFor many people with persistent back issues, memory foam toppers have proved to be an excellent means of getting a better night's sleep. Less expens... Read More »

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Care of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers?

Developed by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), memory foam was first used to alleviate the pressure on astronauts' bodies during lift-offs. Memory foam later entered the public ... Read More »

Difference in Pillow Top Mattress Toppers & Foam Toppers?

"A mattress topper does exactly what it sounds like---it sits on top of your mattress," explains website Pillow mattress toppers and foam mattress toppers each serve their own func... Read More »

How do I clean foam mattress toppers?

Vacuum the Mattress TopperRemove the foam mattress topper from the bed, and place it on a hard-surface floor. Vacuum dirt from the foam with a sweeper attachment. Run the sweeper attachment in circ... Read More »

Anyone know about foam mattress toppers, and their links to joint, thyroid, birth defects and other disorders?

It's definitely something to investigate/ research more in depth. I know that I have some inexplicable issues lately, that might relate to that. Insomnia, joint pains, reddish and swollen face afte... Read More »